A discerning eye and love of technology are defining traits for a web designer. But according toJennifer Hutcheon, a professional for fifteen years, they are not the only components necessary for success. Adaptability is crucial. “This is such a dynamic industry. When I started, HTML was the only platform, then it was Flash, and now it’s HTML 5, and wordpress. "Thankfully, I’m as passionate abouttechnology, as I am about the visual arts or I wouldn’t have lasted this long.” Staying on top of the ever-changing trends and platforms is not something Jennifer expects from her clients. That’s her job. “I’m sort of like a creative caddy. Selecting the right tools for the right client is half the fun.” The other half is collaborating; helping people establish a visual representation of their product and working together to create something truly unique.


Jennifer tends toward modern design; clean graphics with user-friendly interfaces. She believes that the finished product its palate should clearly convey a message, not distract from it. From banner ads and email campaigns to building e-commerce sites, Jennifer treats each job with enthusiasm.